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However, girls and women, especially of the reproductive age, may also suffer, so it is highly recommended to be vaccinated against HPV, in order to reduce the risk of cervical and other forms of cancer. However, the PCR reaction can give a false positive result as well, especially if the conditions of its conduct are violated even the push of the table on which the research is being conducted can lead to a false result.

Therefore, it is advisable to use condoms consistently as a precaution measure. The virus, unchecked by the immune system, causes the overproduction of keratin by skin cellsresulting in lesions resembling warts or cutaneous horns.

Though, it is also vital to know that clinical trials to evaluate the efficiency of the quadrivalent vaccine in protecting against oral infection are still not finished.

There is no cure for HPV but safe and effective vaccinations are recommended at the age of 11 to 12 years. Prevention is through the HPV vaccine.

Reports give a certain age for the vaccine and that happens to be grade school age. Warts Warts that result from HPV will often resolve without treatment. These cancers include cancer of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, and oropharynx, or the base of the tongue and tonsils.

Vaccines produced by a number of firms have appeared as a result of studying the virus and the development of vaccines, and with the help of the biopharmacology and immunopharmacology methods, which are implemented primarily through a network of pharmaceutical establishments.

The virus is common in the United States and there are approximately 14 million newly diagnosed cases of human papillomavirus HPV annually.

This is rarely used due to the high risk of side effects and cost. Treatment Salicylic acid is used to treat some warts. Furthermore, HPV can induce a tumorigenic process through integration into a host genome which is associated with alterations in DNA copy number.

The problem of HPV is extremely worrying nowadays, as it touches the problem of health on a national scale and applies to the overall indicator of well-being of the society. However, there are medications that can be applied to the skin to remove the wart itself; these include over-the-counter OTC salicylic acid for common warts.

The epidemiology of human papillomavirus consists of five broad steps namely the prevalence, incidence, risk factors, natural history and prevention.

Prevention Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Ina group tested Australian Red Cross blood samples from healthy male donors for HPV, and subsequently found DNA of one or more strains of the virus in 15 8. They also say that it will lead to early sexual activity, giving a false sense of immunity to sexually transmitted disease.

Still, there are those types that can persist and cause varieties of serious health problems to people who have them. Many have also recommended the vaccine to girls of the ages 11 through 13 which would means they will recive the treatment in grade school.

There is no treatment for the virus, but the symptoms can be treated. Most of the time, the virus goes away before it cause any health risk and some people who actually been infected with it are not even aware that they have it.

Histological study of the microscopic piece of tissue taken during the gynecological or urological examination. The prevention step indicates that usage of vaccines be made possible form a certain age limit so that this infection is prevented form the core. The virus is greatly found in young women and often they are unrecognizable which makes it difficult for their diagnosis.

There is no treatment to remove the virus from the body. Can HPV and related infections be prevented. Most of HPV types cause poses no health problems to people that have them. The most common STD.

There are more than types of human papillomavirus (HPV). About 40 kinds can infect your genital area — your vulva, vagina, cervix, rectum, anus, penis, and scrotum — as well as your mouth and throat. These kinds of HPV are spread during sexual contact.

Each HPV virus has its own number or type. The term "papilloma" refers to a kind of wart that results from some HPV types. About 60 of the HPV types cause warts on areas like the hands or feet. Human Papilloma virus is one of the most common causes of sexually transmitted disease. This is a type of virus that causes warts on people.

Hpv Vaccine

This virus can be diagnosed by just looking at it. For example, HPV E6 interferes with the human protein/5(3). Human Papilloma Virus HPV Essay known as HPV) is a common Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Technically, it is not a sexually transmitted disease but it can lead to other HPV types. Essay on Human Papilloma Virus Every year in the United States, the number of the people especially teenagers who contract different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases is getting high. Based on the American Social Health Association, the most prevalent STD in the United States today is the group of viruses known as Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Carter, ).

Genitalia Human Papillomavirus (also known as HPV) is a common Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Technically, it is not a sexually transmitted disease but it can lead to other HPV types.

HPV is usually transmitted through oral, vaginal, or anal sexual activity.

Human Papillomavirus-HPV The human papilloma virus exposed essay
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Human papillomavirus (HPV): Treatment, symptoms, and causes