Sniffy the virtual rat experiment essay

After behaviors for both rats were extinguished, they were placed on their previous schedules of reinforcement to measure recovery behavior. The small number of participants in this study ay be a hindrance in the application of the results to multiple facets.

Continuous support does bring forth fast extinction because Sniffy in this agenda ever received wagess nutrient therefore ever content a response that leads to a fulfilling province of personal businesss is likely to be repeated.

Salvaging occurs here and so does printing of the cumulative records. Determining occurs when the rat saloon imperativenesss on its ain. How fast would you like to get it. When Sniffy is in the extinction test. There were several confound that could have affected the results of this experiment.

When Sniffy successfully received 10 pellets from each of the five intervals up to Extinction was complete approximately in four proceedingss after instituted.

Reporting the figure of saloon imperativenesss Sniffy makes within the first two proceedingss of self-generated recovery occurs here. These were the only participants in the experiment. By analyzing carnal behaviors. This is why in this test. Magazine preparation took approximately 22 proceedingss and within that clip.

Another factor human error likely played a part in is the collection of the data.

Sniffy Report

The data would have been more easily compared if they were consistent across the experiment. This is done by consecutive estimate which is the response the rat makes is really similar to the response the experimenter wants to reenforce Hergenhahn and Olson. In the twelve minutes the students observed the IVR rat after extinction, no recovery was made.

Materials or Apparatus A virtual Skinner Box was used in this procedure. Procedure After accessing the computing machine plan on St.

Within the first two proceedingss of extinction. When the rats had no motivation to press the bar, they lost interest. Sniffy does non have any reinfrocment for saloon pressure.

After the virtual rats were trained and observed, the students attempted to extinguish the behavior they trained Sniffs to perform. Sniffy steadily bar imperativenesss after extinction is initated. Sniffy, the virtual rat: Simulated operant conditioning JEFF GRAHAM 0 1 TOM ALLOWAY 0 1 LESTER KRAMES 0 1 0 We gratefully thank Erindale College, the University of Toronto Com puter Shop, and Apple Canada for.

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Sniffy, the virtual rat: Simulated operant conditioning

The purpose of this experiment was to test whether training a simulated rat under a Partial Reinforcement Schedule took longer to extinguish than being trained in a Continuous Reinforcement Schedule.

The subject involved was a computer based rat. Wild rats are difficult to tame even if born in captivity and handled regularly from an early age. In contrast, domestic rats are very gentle. They rarely try to bite. If treated kindly, domestic rats make interesting, affection­ ate, and intelligent pets.

Were Sniffy a real animal, he would have been born in captivity, in a domestic-ratbreeding facility. The equipment used to transport out this experiment was a computing machine based plan located on the St. Francis Xavier University waiter. The plan called “Sniffy- The Virtual Rat” generated the realistic responses of a rat.

Virtual Laboratory from the book Sniffy Lab Rat

This plan allowed experimenters to humanely larn about rats and their behaviors when placed in a Skinner box. Introduction Sniffy is a virtual rat who is going to experience classical conditioning.

Classical conditioning shows that learning can occur without reward or punishment based on the pairing of an unconditioned stimulus (US), a neutral stimulus (NS) unconditioned response (UR). Eventually a.

Virtual Laboratory from the book Sniffy Lab Rat Sniffy the virtual rat experiment essay
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